Mozart Club

Built ca. 1926. French born Marius Durand opened the Mozart Club on Main Street in the boom days of Goldfield which burned down in the 1923 fire. Though he returned to his home in France during prohibition, his heart was in America. When the repeal came he and Madame Josephine Durand moved back to Goldfield in the later 1920’s where they rebuilt the present building.

Marius Durand was also well known as a fight promoter and manager. Jack Dempsey being one of his clients. He and Dempsey remained friends until his death in 1942. His widow continued to run the business and in 1946 married longtime family friend Alex Labarthe. Together they ran the operations until they sold in 1957. These two families extended a warm and friendly hospitality that continued on with its various owners in later years.

Located in the Goldfield National Historic District in Goldfield, Nevada