Norwegian Stabbur

A stabbur (pronounced stah burr) is a historic Norwegian farm storage building and was the central building on a farm. The structure was used to store grain, flour, cheese, root vegetables, dried fish, and cured meat; for security purposes, even next year’s seeds may have been stored. The Norwegians began building stabburs around 900 A.D.

Traditionally built on short posts or rocks, the stabbur was narrower at the bottom with a deep overhang in order to prevent mice and other rodents from entering. Hanging meat or fish from the ceiling to cure was ideal. The top portion could house guests for social events, such as a wedding reception. Historically, the stabbur was built without nails. Some were adorned with intricate carvings and rosemaling (Norwegian decorative folk art paintings).

Located at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah

Constructed, Summer 2016 by:

  • Brian and Kari Nielson
  • Steve Birkeland
  • John Storheim Sr.
  • John Knudson Jr. and friends

Special thanks to:

  • Jack Anderson Drafting Services
  • L.E.I. Engineers

Funding provided by:

  • Syttende Mai Committee
  • Rolf Aase Construction Company
  • Grant Birkeland
  • Steven and Kristen Birkeland
  • Tor Birkeland
  • Burton Lumber
  • Karin Christensen
  • John Dahl
  • Den Norske Misjons Reunion
  • Jan and Deon Hansen
  • Kirk Hansen
  • Willard Hansen
  • Per and Gunvor Haugen
  • Jack Johnsen
  • Gordon Johnsen
  • Gordon and Margaret Kimball and Family
  • John Knudson Jr.
  • Alex Landro
  • Guttorm and Claudia Landro
  • Kari Landro
  • Steven Linde
  • Alice Lingen
  • Jeremy and Tera Mahoney
  • David and Aud Milne
  • Kevin and Lisbeth Monroe
  • Brian and Kari Nielson
  • Elin Synnestvedt Child
  • Elizabeth Nielson
  • Nicholas Nielson
  • Patrick Nielson
  • Robert and Betty Patterson
  • Anika and Carson Pendelton
  • Reed and Sandra Rowland and Family
  • Denise Bischoff Storheim
  • Dr. John Engh Storheim Sr.
  • The Storheim Family
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  • Title Guarantee – South Jordan Branch
  • Rune Wallin
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Whitaker
  • Numerous Anonymous Donors