let this light be known as Skylie’s Signal
in remembrance of
Skylie Starbuck
whose life was cut short on January 6, 1998 at the tender age of three months old; and let this place be known as Collett’s Crossing
in honor of
Collett Richins
who at the age of 15
fought and won the battle to live.
In adversity, families showed courage, a community displayed tremendous compassion, and the concern of many has made this intersection safer.
Dedicated June 6, 1998
Murray City
Daniel C. Snarr, Mayor
Leon B. Robertson, Chair
P. Gary Ferrero
John N. Ward Wendell D. Coombs
John C. Rush City Council Members

Special thanks to
the employees and residents of Murray City
the Utah Department of Transportation
Special Thanks
Gary O. Merrill, General Manager Kenneth D. White. Operations Manager Charles G. Crutcher. Engineering Manager
All Members of the Murray City Power Department
The Murray City Public Services Department
Richard V. Stauffer
Lynn H. Turner
Murray City Council
H. W. Lochner, Inc.
December 9, 1998

The Skylie Starbuck Memorial is located at Germania Park along the Jordan River Trail at 5390 South Murray Parkway Avenue in Murray, Utah