The Milton D. Grosh House

Located at 1408 Perry Avenue in the Federal Heights area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A good example of Craftsman style architecture, undergoing a complete renovation. Although most this one and a half story bungalow is currently of the original porch has been removed, one can still sense the strong horizontal movement which was so prevalent in early twentieth century archi- tecture. The strong roof lines with broad overhang- ing eaves, coupled with the long and low dormer accentuate this horizontality. The decorative half timbering and stucco seen on the sides of the house was a popular finish for the upper gable ends of Craftsman bungalows. The use of very course stucco was also quite popular, as it subtly contrasted with the clean lines of the profile of the house.

The bungalow was built in 1905 by the Modern Home Building Company on lots 40 and 41 of Block 6 of the Federal Heights subdivision. Records show that the house was not sold until June, 1913 to Milton D. Grosh. He lived in the home only three years before he died. His three children kept the house until 1919 when they sold it to Herbert O. and Hazel Dale Sanford. Herbert owned and ran the Western Dental Supply Co. from 1906 until his death in 1945. In 1930 the Sanfords sold the house to Gertrude Mayer Grismon. Between 1930 and 1989 the house had five owners, all of whom used the house as a single family dwelling. After Sue Hill purchased the property in 1989 she rented the house as several apartments. In 1992, Hill sold the house to Tim and Patty Hoagland who are in the process of returning it to a single family home.
(text from a Utah Heritage Foundation booklet)