Lincoln Sugar Factory Steam Engine

This 1902 Steam Engine powered a CO2 pump during the 75 operational years (1903-1978) of the Lincoln Sugar Factory.

This Steam Engine was restored to pay tribute to the Sugar Beet Industry Worker of yesteryear.

The Lincoln Sugar Factory construction contract was let to Dyer & Company of Cleveland, Ohio in March 1903. The cornerstone was laid on April 14 in a ceremony attended by 4500 persons. The factory was completed in early October. It was designed for a capacity of 600 tons per day (which doubled over the years). The first campaign had many new problems, but still managed to produce 73,304 bags of sugar, some of which were used in the International Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri. The Red, White and Blue logo on the sugar sack became a standard household sight.

Let us remember the farmers, factory workers and company managers that provided us with this wonderful heritage.

The individuals instrumental in making this Monument possible are:

  • Gil Murdock – Purchasing the Engine – Donating it for this purpose
  • Brad Kapple – Evans Grain – Providing the Site
  • Robert Beck – R E Beck Construction – Restoration and Equipment
  • Alvin Arave – Engineering and Restoration of the Steam Engine
  • Doyle Beck – BECO Engineering – Materials and Equipment
  • Turk McMurtrey – TMC – Materials and Equipment – Site Restoration
  • Heber Andrus – Andrus Trucking Transportation
  • Dave Sommer – Brickwork
  • General Mills – Supporting Services – Power and Utilities

The text above is from Sons of Utah Pioneers historic marker #105, located at 2951 East Lincoln Road in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

These photos were submitted by Marshall Hurst: