Around the fountain at Station Park (located at 140 N W Union Ave in Farmington, Utah) are sculptures by Brian Keith.


Imagine is a collection of whimsical sculptures designed to encourage the dreaming of impossible dreams. Wonder and awe fill the little girl’s face as an exhilarating story comes to life before her eyes. Grandpa is utterly delighted as he sits astride a swan preparing for takeoff. Their dream has come true proving that it matters not how many years you’ve lived, or how firmly you think your feet are planted on the ground.

If you’ve ever dreamed before, dream again.
If you once had hope, here take it.
Believe in love and celebrate life.
Find purpose and pass it on.

To the teachers that work to enrich the minds of their students, Imagine is dedicated to you.

Brian Keith

Born and raised in the East Bay, Brian Keith is passionate about creating works of art that celebrate life and convey sincere joy. Brian’s deep faith in God is woven throughout his art and he finds great inspiration in the unique qualities of people. His goal, as an artist, is to inspire others to live a life that will leave a legacy to be proud of, one of faith, hope and love.