Ezra T. Clark Park is a very small park at 25 North 400 West in Farmington, Utah with a monument in it that says:

1848 – Ezra T. Clark – 1948

In October, 1848m Ezra T. Clark and family ended their pioneer journey across the plains and settled in Davis County. Near this spot in early 1850 he built their log cabin home. In Farmington as well as in other outlying areas of the west he was a successful colonizer and community builder. His headquarters always remained at Farmington and most of his large family reared their children in this immediate neighborhood.

He played a very important part in the religious, cultural and economic development of Farmington and of all Davis County. His life was a shining monument of devotion to the church whose teachings and ideals formed the central theme of his life’s work. He left to his posterity as a parting message, before he died October 17, 1901, the ringing challenge that their true happiness and success in life would always be measured by their loyalty to the cause to which his life had been dedicated.

The monument/plaque was erected October 1, 1948 by his descendants then numbering over one thousand souls.