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Arizona’s Pioneer Women ^

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza is out in front of the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are many monuments and memorials.  It was established in 1978.  Much like the National Mall on which it is loosely based, the Legislative Governmental Mall is intended as an open-air public space featuring monuments, memorials and gardens. Some of these monuments were erected prior to the inception of the Plaza, such as the monument to the USS Arizona which was dedicated over a year earlier on December 7, 1976. The Plaza, when dedicated, included these existing memorials and all subsequent memorials have been located within the boundaries of the plaza.

Arizona Workers Memorial. “El Pasaje”

Eusebio Francisco Kino


Arizona Crime Victims

Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza

Lt. Frank Luke Jr.


To Our True Heroes

State Senate and House of Representatives.

Liberty Bell Replica

 Hypabyssal Gabbro

 Senator Carl Hayden

And many, many more…