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Kennedy Station was a stagecoach and freight wagon stop along the Uintah Toll Road until about 1935. The Uintah Toll Road was well-graded and was designed for fast stagecoach travel. At the time the Uintah Toll Road was considered the best road in Utah. The road connected Dragon (a ghost town) to Vernal. Tolls were assessed on the road to help with the maintenance of the road, bridges, and ferries. The road was part of a transportation system set up to connect Uintah Basin towns to cities in Colorado. Drivers changed horses at this stop and passengers were fed. Many freighters spent the night here. There are not any known pictures of Kennedy Station so take some time and wander about, try to visualize what buildings were there and what it may have looked like. Some older residents in Uintah County may still remember the station. You will see shards of glass, old nails, bits of metal, and remains of building foundations or corrals. Please leave everything as you find it for others to enjoy in the future. Artifacts are protected by law. More of the history of the area can be found at the Uintah County Library located in Vernal.(*)