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Hyrum Smith from 1820 was among the first converts of his brother Joseph the Prophet. He was one of the eight witnesses of the Book of Mormon, one of the six members to organize the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, April 6, 1830, one of the first to proclaim and practice all its principals. He was an ordained Elder and High Priest; a Counselor in the First Presidency and Presiding Patriarch of the Church. He was a member of the City Council and an officer of the Nauvoo Legion. He was the constant companion and confidant of his brother Joseph. In joy and sorrow, throughout their lives. They suffered martyrdom together sealing their testimony with their blood and their bodies were buried side by side at Nauvoo. In life they were united, in death they were not parted.

Sacred to the memory of Hyrum Smith, born Turnbridge, Vt. 9th February, 1800. Martyred Carthage, Illinois 27th June, 1844.

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Dedication 7th June 1916. Hyrum Smith’s descendants numbering about 600 souls were nearly all residents of Utah and faithful members of the Church he helped to organize. They with the general membership of the Church have caused this monument in his honor to be built here and dedicated it to stand as a sacred memorial among them and their children after them. They love and revere him as a patriarch and prophet of God and call his name blessed for ever and ever. Amen.

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Hyrum Smith was the second son of Joseph Smith, Sr., and Lucy Mack. He married first, Jerusha Barden 1805-1837, children Levina (Walker) 1827-1876 Mary 1829-1832 John 1832-1911 Hyrum 1834-1831 Jerusha (Pierce) 1836-1912 Sara (Griffin) 1837-1876 He married second Mary Fielding 1801-1852, children Joseph Fiedling 1838-1918 Martha Ann (Harris) 1841-1923

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