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The Flag of the United States of America
In the summer of 1847, this site, known than as the “Old Fort,” was the first permanent Anglo-Saxon settlement in the west. It was here that the American Flag was first raised. This Sesquicentennial Flag Pole is raised as a tribute to the pioneers who lived on this site and settled the Salt Lake Valley.

July 18, 1997
Pioneer Park/Fort Restoration Committee
Shirley Maynes U.S.M.B. Auxiliary – Louise C. Green I.S.D.U.P.
Gaylen Maynes U.S.M.B. – Elma Odegard I.S.D.U.P.
VerDon Parker – Neils Little
Gerald Woodmanse – Ruth Little
Hermoine Jex – Fae Nichols
Norma Amodt – Elizabeth Bowden
Paul Hutchison – Barbara Uzelac

Utah Pioneer Sesquicentennial Celebration Coordinating Council
Salt Lake City Public Services
Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency

Located in Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City. 
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