Filer/Gobbe House

Bernard O. Mecklenburg, a prominent local architect in the early 20th century, designed this fourquare-type house.  The design incorporates Neoclassical details and is similar to adjacent houses, also designed by Mecklenburg.  The house was built in 1905 for Walter G. Filer, a manager of the Twin Falls Land and Water Co., and his wife, Esther.  After the Filers divorced in 1909, Esther sold the house to Anthony and Ruby Clawson Godbe.  According to family histories, the home was the setting for social activities involving many prominent Utahns, one being Susanna B. Emery Holmes, popularly known as the Silver Queen because of her connection with the mining industry.  She reportedly purchased the house in 1920, when the Godbes moved to the Federal Heights subdivision.  She owned it until 1922, then sold it to Lee and Annette Lovinger.  Lee was president of a local soap and disinfectant company.  The Lovingers lived here until Lee’s death in 1951.

Historic Homes and Buildings in the South Temple District.

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