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Sandy Tithing Office

Built in 1906, the Sandy Tithing Office is one of 28 well-preserved buildings in Utah that were part of the successful “in kind” tithing system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon church) during the 1850s-1910s. Tithing offices were a vital part of almost every Mormon community, serving as local centers of trade, welfare assistance, and economic activities, and they were important as the basic units of the church-wide tithing network that centered in Salt Lake City.

Bishop William D. Kuhre was granted permission by the church to build this office and use $2000 in tithes for its construction. The building’s design was one of at least two standard plans developed at church headquarters c. 1905. Those plans were perhaps the first examples of what eventually became a policy with the LDS church for developing standard plans rather than having each ward generate its own. Other tithing offices with the same basic design as this one are seen in Manti, Richmond, Panguitch and Hyrum.

The above text is from the plaque on the home, placed in 1997. The home is located at 8844 South 280 East in the historic sandy area of Sandy, Utah

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