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Central Milling

Since 1867

Central Milling, an employee owned and operated company, is the oldest continuously operating business in the state uf Utah. It has provided the finest quality flour to homes and bakeries across the country since 1867. These years have given us a lot of farming, milling, and baking experience. Even though we are experienced at what we do, we are constantly learning about our business and finding ways to improve our quality and service.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve acquired several historic brands (Red Rose, Wheatland, and Gilt Edge) and have started a couple of our own (Central Milling Organic and Keith Giusto Bakery Supply). We have kept our legacy brands alive out of respect for the folks who made them what they are – we do not want these names to get lost in the process. We even still mill our premium organic flour using water power – hydroelectricity generated by our own water turbine just like they did back in the 1800’s. All of us at Central Milling take pride in our farming, milling, and baking heritage. After all, if it wasn’t four our predecessors who started these brands, we wouldn’t know what we know today.

Logan, Utah.

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