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17 South 1200 East

Another of the historic homes located in the University Neighborhood Historic District.

This Victorian Eclectic style house was constructed c. 1893 for Frederick W. Little, a Salt Lake real estate agent. The house was used for a rental throughout much of its early history, with its primary tenants being U of U students. Charles H. Post, a tire salesman, purchased the home in 1918. The home was sold to Waide Condon, a newspaper reporter and editor, in 1935. In 1948, Condon sold the home to notable newspaperman, John W. “Jack” Gallivan. Gallivan lived his professional life working in nearly every department of the Salt Lake Tribune. In 1960, he would become the paper’s publisher, a role he would keep until 1984 when he retired. He and his wife, Grace Mary, had four children: Grace, John W. Jr., Michael, and Timothy. Jack Gallivan helped built the Salt Palace, pave the way for the 2002 Olympics and the Utah Jazz, and put Utah on the tourism map. His name is memorialized on the Gallivan Center. Gallivan entertained many national dignitaries in their home, including Jack, Bobby and Ted Kennedy.

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