John Ashworth House (155 S. 200 West)

The John Ashworth House at 115 S. 200 West in Beaver, Utah was built in 1875. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The listing include four contributing buildings.

It was built for John Ashworth, who was born in England and who was the first manager-superintendent of the Beaver Woolen Mills, and who also served as Beaver’s second mayor, during 1880-82.

It was deemed “significant because it is an interesting combination of two of the most popular house types in Beaver during the 1875-1890 period, namely, the Hall & Parlor (north section) and the Cross-wing (south section) types. This marriage of house designs produces an interesting effect, for while the house is perfectly consistent with house planning principles found during this period of Beaver’s history, it also becomes at once a house which is both common (the Hall & Parlor house with rear extension) and rare (the double cross-wing or H-plan). For a further discussion of the double cross-wing house in Utah, see the nomination form for the Charles E. Davies house, Provo, Utah (National Register listing January 1983).”

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