The Pine Valley Heritage Center in Pine Valley, Utah

The CCC – America’s Greatest Conesrvation Program

In response to the Great Depression, in 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps, which employed millions of young men aged 17-23 on national forests and parks projects across the county.

In its first year, the program set up 20 CCC camps in Utah. Two of them were on the Dixie, where the “C”s built roads, dams, water systems, ranger stations and lookouts.

Pine Valley was home base for Camp F-17, whose young men built Pine Valley Ranger Station. The Cs of Camp F-31, out of nearby Veyo, built the dam that formed Pine Valley Reservoir.

Most of the CCC boys came from extreme poverty. Of the $30 they earned each month, $25 of it went to support their families back home.