This page is for the D.U.P. Marker for the Cottonwood Paper Mill (Marker #326), for the page about the Cottonwood Paper Mill itself visit this page.

I have been trying to document all of the DUP Markers myself, this one is not in place anymore and until I find it I have the above photo taken by JerAnderson on 14 October 2006(*)

I have come across several that were missing and ended up finding them in museums or storage with some research, I’ll update this page when I find it.

Marker text:

Cottonwood Paper Mill
In 1880 the Deseret News Corporation purchased a 28-acre millsite including water rights. With Henry Grow, architect and builder, the $150,000 structure, made of granite from nearby quarries, with mortar of clay of stone grindings, took three years to erect. The 1860 paper machine from sugarhouse mill and some new machinery was installed; A 1500-ft rage brought water through the penstock to encased turbines. The plant could yield 5 tons of paper a day. Chas J. Lamber, Manager, sold to Granite Paper Mills Co. 1892; Destroyed by fire 1893; Restored 1927 as a recreational center.
Marker Erected 1966 – Central Company