The Carnegie Library in Ephraim, Utah.

Built in 1914-1915, the Ephraim Carnegie Library is one of 23 Carnegie Libraries in Utah and one of over 1650 library buildings in the United States that were founded by millionaire/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie donated the entire cost of the building on the condition that the town provide the land, books, librarian and an annual maintenance budget. A library program in Ephraim began as early as about 1880 when a group of ambitious young men established a small library in a rented room in the house of John F. F. Dorius. Later, the City Council took over operation of the library and provided a room in the old City Hall until the construction of the Carnegie Library in 1914. The building was designed by the architectural firm of Watkins, Birch and Wright of Provo. Contractors for the building were Hans Petersen, A.C. Nielson and Thor Monsen, partners in a local construction firm.

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