In my exploring and documented around the west, mostly Utah I have come across Richard Watkins’ name many times. I started this page to build a list of the placed he was the architect for that I have documented.

This plaque on the Spring City School reads:

Architect Richard C. Watkins (1858-1941) was born in England and came to Utah at age fourteen. He worked as a contractor and architect in Ogden before moving his practice to Provo. Watkins was one of the most prominent architects south of Salt Lake City at the end of the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th. He designed the Spring City Public School in a Victorian Eclectic style incorporating Romanesque and Gothic details. Concerned about disease in an era of few vaccines he devised a unique system to circulate fresh air throughout the school.

Other works he designed in the area include the Spring City Chapel and the main building of Snow College, along with several public business blocks and private residences.

In 1909 Watkins was appointed by Governor Spry to the State School Commission and became Utah’s first State Architect. While he designed courthouses, libraries, churches, banks, commercial buildings and other structures, he is best remembered as an architect of schools, having designed over 280 schools in Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

R.C. Watkins buildings I have documented:

Commercial Buildings

Public Buildings

Religious Buildings

Residential Buildings

School Buildings