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Heber City Amusement Hall

Built in 1906-1908, the Heber City Amusement Hall became a part of the Town Square complex, which included religious, governmental, and recreational facilities. Designed by Mr. Watkins of Provo and built of red sandstone, the structure’s unusual dance floor was considered to be one of the best in the state. The oval-shaped floor is set on 56 heavy coil springs, which are embedded in native sandstone. Dancers often boasted of its excellent “feel”. The hall’s doors and semicircular windows are topped with Roman arches, and pendant arches originally supported the ceiling. The kitchen, added to the southwest corner in 1917, housed cooking and dining facilities. The gables at the north and west ends were probably added in 1928, the same year the pendant arches were replaced and a large annex added to the west side. At this time the front facade was also altered somewhat. Located at the north end of the main hall were the entrance, ticket office, and cloakrooms; at the south end was a stage and bandstand. Once threatened by destruction, the hall was saved through the efforts of concerned citizens.

The Amusement Hall is located next to the tabernacle in Heber City.

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