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Thomas N. Taylor’s home at 342 North 500 West in Provo is quite the site, it is listed on the National register of historic places and known now as the White Willow Reception Center.

“Built in 1904, the Thomas N. Taylor house exemplifies the “dream home” of many in Utah’s second generation. This house is significant as the most outstanding and well-preserved example of the Classical Box style in Provo. The box style was used extensively in Salt Lake City but was not common in Provo. Its classical detailing, irregular massing and unaltered condition make it particularly distinctive among the limited number of Provo examples of this type. Thomas N. Taylor was a popular man in the area. He served as manager of the Taylor Brothers Store, Provo mayor, and President of the Utah Stake of the LDS Church (Historic Provo p. 9).” The Thomas Taylor House was designated to the Provo City Landmarks register as of July 28, 1995.

He was previously at the Clark-Taylor Home nearby.

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