Just outside the library in Mt Pleasant, Utah this monument was erected.

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Mount Pleasant Monument

1859 Mount Pleasant 1909

Pioneer Colony Led here by James R. Ivie as President

Colonly named Mount Pleasant and organized a ward July 9, 1859.

Black Hawk Indian War waged 1865-6-7.

Fort For protection from Indians completed July, 1859.

Dimensions of fort – 26 rods square, wall 12 feet high.

Mount Pleasant incorporated a city February 20, 1868.

Grasshopper invasion 1867-1868.

Erected in honor of the pioneers of 1859 by the descendants of the pioneers whose names are inscribed upon this monument.

Unveiled July 6, A.D. 1909.

Nils Wildergren Anderson
Andrew Madsen
Mads Madsen
Niels Madsen
Christian Madsen
John Meyrick
Jens Jorgensen
Jens Jensen
Peter Johansen
Niels Johansen
Justus W. Seely
James K. McClenahan
John Waldermar
Christian Hansen
Henry Erickson
Andrew P. Oman
C.P. Andersen
Christian Jensen
James Harvey Tidwell
Martin Aldrich

William S. Seely
Niels P. Madsen
Rasmus Frandsen
M.C. Christensen
Nathan Staker
Jens C. Jensen
John Tidwell
James Hansen
Henry Wilcox
Peter Mogensen
John Carter
Orange Seely
George Coates
George Farnsworth
Jens Larsen
Peter Hansen
Swen Larsen
Rudolphus N. Bennett
Christian Brothersen
Daniel Page

Jefferson Tidwell
Paul Dehlin
Morten Rasmussen
Hans C.H. Beck
Peter M. Peel
Erick Gunderson
Alma Zabriskie
Soren Jacob Hansen
John F. Fechser
Andrew P. Jenson
William Morrison
Hans J. Simpsen
George Frandsen
Peter J. Jensen
Jacob Christensen
Frederick P. Nielsen
John L. Ivie
Christian Nielsen Christensen
Isaac Allred
Andrwe Johnson

Pictured below is the monument with the old Hamilton Elementary School in the background.