John Rowe Moyle. Born February 22, 1808 in Wendron, Cornwall, England. Died January 15 1889 at Alpine, Utah. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Rowe Moyle.

Phillippa Beer, wife of John Rowe Moyle. Born December 13, 1815 in Devonport, Devonshire, England. Died January 1891, at Alpine, Utah. She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Cook Beer. Married John Rowe Moyle in 1834 on the Isle of Gurnsey.

They joined the L.D.S. Church August 13, 1851 in Millbrook, England. On April 19, 1856, they set sail for the United States, arriving at Salt Lake CIty September 26, 1856, having walked 1300 miles across the plains pushing handcarts. In 1858, they settled in Alpine, Utah and built a rock fort and house in which they lived the remainder of their lives.

John Rowe Moyle was known throughout his life for his skill as a builder, his independence of character, his courage and integrity.

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