The telegraph first came to Mt Pleasant, Utah at the Seeley home.

Telegraph Timeline:

  • 1844 – Samuel Morse introduced his telegraph invention to Washington D.C. officials.
  • 1850 – Telegraph lines covered the eastern United States.
  • 1861 – Telegraph Lines from the Pacific Coast met lines from the Atlantic Coast in Salt Lake City making the pony express obsolete.
  • 1866 – Deseret Telegraph was established linking small communities north and south to Salt Lake City.
  • 1866 – Mt Pleasant was connected to the Deseret Telegraph system.
  • 1891 – A telephone line was established between Mt. Pleasant and Fairview.
  • 1901 – Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph extended their lines to Sanpete Valley.

Anthon H. Lund was one of the young men called in 1865 to attend Telegraphy School in Salt Lake City. He became Mt. Pleasant’s first telegrapher. His office was a small one-room cabin located at about 18 S. Main. It was torn down in 1977. Anthon went on to become the Manti Temple President and a counselor in the Latter-day Saint Church’s General Presidency.

Wilhelmina M. Ericksen was only 16 years of age when she begam her telegraphy career. Her office was in the home of Bishop William Seely (the Relic Home). Here she operated for two years. She then moved her office in her parents home known as “Bon Accord Cottage” which was located at approx. 148 West 300 South. In 1891 a telephone system was established between Mt. Pleasant and Fairview along with the telegraph line and Mina became the first operator.

Annie M. Johansen took over the telegraph and telephone position in about 1901 when Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph extended their lines into Sanpete Valley. At that time operators were on constant duty, day and night. Annie went out of her way to help people in Mt. Pleasant. She would deliver messages herself. They usually told of a death or some other tragedy. She would stay and give those families comfort and strength in her quiet understanding way.