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On the evening of September 16, 1850, Shoshone Indian Chief Terikee, who had a reputation for being friendly, was returning to his camp on Four Mile Creek after paying respects to Lorin Farr in Ogden.

As he was driving his ponies out of Urban Stewart’s unfenced cornfield, Stewart armed himself and fired randomly toward the rustling sound, killing Terikee. This incident forced Stewart to leave the area.

Shoshone tribes demanded Stewart be turned over to them or they would massacre the inhabitants of Ogden and burn the settlement. 150 men were sent from Salt Lake City to the rescue. Learning of the coming troops, Terikee’s band retaliated by killing a man named Campbell, who was gathering cattle into Farr’s Fort, and then took their Chief’s body and retreated northward.

Chief Terikee was killed at a site approximately 200 feet west of this monument.

This monument is located in Harrisville, Utah.