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The U.S. Government originally granted this land to the Union Pacific Railroad in partial payment for building the rail line just north of here. The gathering of land that is now Secrist Acres began in 1888 when it was deeded from the railroad to brothers, Brigham H. Bingham Jr. and Edwin A. Bingham. At the time of this transfer the land was raw, needing clearing and preparation for irrigation. The land was farmed by the Binghams until 1942 when it was sold to Charles Allen and Hazel Bingham Secrist. These were war years and times were difficult, but proved to be rewarding. The Secrists have always been active in their community, schools and church helping to make (Wilson) West Haven a better place. Their dream was to add to the community in the form of a quality planned development to be known as ‘Secrist Acres.’

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