Swiss immigrant Ulrich Probst and his family arrived in the U.S. in 1872 and, soon after, built a small cabin on this site. Ulrich acquired squatter’s rights to the property and spent summers improving the land and winters living in Midway city. While here, he lost his only daughter, Emma, due to a toxic spider bite. One of his sons, Jacob Probst, acquired this home site about 1894.

The Probsts raised cattle and sheep on their 158 acre farm. In 1896 Jacob abandoned this small cabin after a flood washed down the canyon extensively damaging the property. He built a new home a short distance south of here, the foundation of which still exists.

Vern, the younger of Jacob and Mary’s sons, was born prematurely when Mary slipped on ice in the winter. He was kept warm in a shoebox placed just inside the oven of the nearby Huber home, he lived to be 97 years old.

Karl Probst, born in this cabin in 1895, was the oldest of Jacob and Mary’s children.

In 1891 Jacob Probst married Mary Huber, oldest daughter of Johannes and Maria Huber. They had five children; two girls and three boys. Both daughters and one son died at a young age.

Located at Huber Grove in Wasatch Mountain State Park, just outside Midway, Utah