A Look Back – Historic Sugar House

Located in Hidden Hollow in Sugar House, this historic marker says:

Step back in time to the early days of Sugar House. Life centered around Parleys Creek, which provided drinking and irrigation water and powered some 20 mills.

Sugar Mill:
Built in 1854, the sugar mill was one of the first businesses along Parleys Creek. Though sugar production failed, the mill housed several other businesses before it was torn down in 1928.
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Hygeia Ice Company:
Named for the Greek goddess of purity, the Hygeia Ice Company (1911) produced regular and dry ice and once held the nation’s largest cold-storage facility.
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Utah Central Railroad:
Built in 1890, the Salt Lake and Eastern Railway (later renamed Utah Central Railroad) connected Salt Lake City with the silver mines of Park City.
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Remnants of Hidden Hollow Preserve’s rich history lie beneath your feet. Local elementary students found a railroad spike near the old path of the Utah Central Railway and a horseshoe where Hygeia Ice Company once stabled their horses. Watch for signs of the past and you walk the Preserve’s trails today.