The William and Margaret Beck Osborne house is listed on The National Register of Historic Places. When Margaret Osborne’s father passed away, she used her inheritance money to build this beautiful home in the Victorian pattern-book style in 1894. In 1896, Margaret opened the home to boarders as the Osborne Hotel. In honor of its history, The Osborne Inn opens its doors once again! The house is located on a “Zion acre” promoted by Brigham Young. It includes a chicken coop, orchard, pasture, barn, vegetable garden, and original granary- all of which were important elements to this Mormon-acre. It is said when the Great Depression befell the United States, the Osborne family did not notice as they had everything they needed on their acre.

Located at 216 South Main Street in Spring City, Utah


The Osborne house is a fine example of Victorian pattern book architecture in Sanpete County. The one and one half story brick cross-wing house has shingled gables, intricately bracketed eaves, corbelled relieving arches, and polychrome brick. William Osborne (1851-1920) was a merchant who owned a meat shop and confectionery shop located just north of the chapel. William’s wife, Ann Margaret Beck Osborne (1857-1942), operated the house as a hotel for a number of years and fed the prisoners at the Spring City jail.*