I stopped by to document D.U.P. historic marker #88 here in Henefer, Utah – this pioneer cabin is located on Center Street just west of Main Street. I have seen the historic markers here before #88 was on the building and #316 out in front of it, #88 is gone now (2020) – I’ll have to see if I can find out where, I’ve seen many times when they’ve been put away for refurnishing or many when they’ve been stolen. #316 has moved over about a block away to this site.

In the photo above you can see where #88 was, the text read:
The route of the Utah Pioneers of 1847, and later the Pony Express route, passed over the site of Henefer. It was settled in 1859, by James and William Henefer, for whom the town was named. More settlers joined them in 1866 and a fort was constructed for protection against the Indians. This cabin was erected as a monument to those pioneers.