Bear River Massacre

On January 29, 2021 a new plaque was unveiled at this site. Prior to that D.U.P. Marker #186 and U.P.T.L.A. Marker #16 were here. The D.U.P. worked with descendants of the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation to share a more accurate depiction of the events that took place here in 1963 compared to the account on the previous markers.

The new marker reads:
In memory of the estimated 400 men, women, and children of the Northwestern Shoshone Nation who were brutally massacred in this vicinity on January 29, 1863, by the United States Army California Volunteers from Fort Douglas, Utah, under the command of Colonel Patrick E. Connor. The attack took place in the early morning hours against a group of people with limited defense and without peaceful means first being sought when a conflict arose. As a result of the encounter, 23 soldiers died. Chief Sagwitch and other survivors joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, established a thriving farming community known as Washakie, and many helped build the Logan Temple.