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Located at 1787 North Main Street in Farmington, Utah.

Built in 1877 and vacant since 2007, the Rose Home (also called the Rose Cottage) is an often seen local landmark.


The description of a friend’s geocache says:
Alley Stephen Rose was one of the early settlers in Farmington. He built a home in about 1877 which became known as Rose Cottage. It was located halfway between Salt Lake City and Ogden. It has been vacant since 2007, when it was purchased by UDOT as part of a project renovating US Highway 89. It has been vacant since that time, and has been vandalized and fallen into disrepair. Currently (Sep 2010) efforts are being made to find funding to restore the home. UDOT is working with the City of Farmington toward that end. (Standard Examiner; Davis Plus section September 2, 2010)
Alley S. Rose is the 2nd great-grandfather of Mr. lv2wj. He served with Major Lot Smith in the Utah Volunteers during the Civil War. They are buried about 25 feet from each other in the Farmington Cemetery.

Excerpt from diary of Alley S. Rose:
Jan 18, 1899 [This was a Wednesday.] Clear and pleasant. At home, wrote a letter to my brother Wm. S. Rose, Syracuse, N.Y. Evening had a meeting here for the purpose of dedicating my house and receiving our patriarchal blessings. Apostle John W. Taylor was present. Also 3 patriarchs, viz. John Kynaston of East Bountiful, Ezra T. Clark and James R. Millard, with about 40 others. . . . Apostle Taylor then dedicated our home and E.T. Clark pronounced the benediction. After this a fine lunch was served and all expressed themselves as being well pleased with the exercises. Adjourned at midnight.

It is fun to try to imagine this meeting/party going on until midnight in the dead of winter in what must have been at the time a grand but relatively small home! Sad to see it in its present condition. We hope they are able to find funding to restore it.