The state capitol building is nothing new with many people visiting every day but in celebration of Utah’s 125th birthday as a state it was decided to go a little deeper and explore part of it that is rarely ever seen – the dome atop the building.

Shown above are the three balcony areas we were able to look out from while finding our way to the inside of the dome.

The Capitol Building itself is a gorgeous and historic work of art and more of its history and related posts can be seen on this page: Utah State Capitol.

First we climbed the ramps and stairs to the first balcony area:

Moving up from there we climbed more ladders, stairs and ramps to get to the next outer balcony area and also we could see the outside of the interior dome that visitors in the main lobby area look up and see painted as blue skies and clouds.

From there we climbed up into the dome – it was really cool to see and experience. There was a motor with cables to raise and lower the chandeliers and a lot of graffiti from back in the 1970s.

We climbed up out of the top of the dome to the outer balcony on top of it and were able to overlook the surrounding area from the actual top of the State Capitol Building, it was a very interesting and fun experience.

A few of the other photos from the trip: