This 1898-1899 house is an example of the High Victorian Italianate pattern book plan, it has been altered, but it still continues to the character of the area.

Margaret C. Moyle was a polygamist wife of James Moyle. He died in 1890. In 1898 she moved from the house next to her sister wife to this house. Maggie Moyle was born on the Isle of Man and came to Utah in 1868.

This house is a one-story, probably brick house. The siding has covered most of the house so it is hard to determine the style but it was probably High Victorian Italic-mate pattern book design. It has segmentally arched bays, a small gabled porch and simple moulded cornice. The roof is hipped. The house is an L shape.

Located at 136 4th Avenue in the City Creek Canyon Historic District of Salt Lake City, Utah.