Orson Smith Trailhead Park

Orson Smith (1891-1955) homesteaded 162 acres on this mountain in 1916. This northwest corner, consisting of nearly three acres, was purchased by Draper City from his family in 2003 for this park. He loved these mountains and knew them well. He especially enjoyed hiking to the summit of Mt. Jordan (Lone Peak) reaching a height of 11,251 feet, and to the Upper Bells Canyon Reservoir. Orson worked on the pack train that carried cement and supplies used to build the dam there. Orson’s knowledge of geology and photography, and his love of teaching, combined to create meaningful experiences for his hiking companions. While hiking he sometimes stopped to place logs diagonally across the trail to keep the soil from being washed away. And where the trail was difficult to follow, he would stack three rocks vertically to mark the trail for those who would come later. He taught by word and by example to “Leave the trail better than you found it.”