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Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge

The hike to the Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge begins at Orson Smith Trailhead Park and is a fairly easy hike with some pretty great views and things to see.

This bridge was designed and constructed by Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co. Inc. and paid for by donations from residents and friends of Draper City. This bridge is dedicated to Clark Naylor and associates who started building Draper trails some 50 years ago.

Span: 185′ 5″
Completed: July 1, 2015
Land Owner: WaterPro Inc
Maintained by: Draper City

Donations from:
Nic Wadsworth, Paul Anderson, Paul Skene, R.E.I., In Between Days, Premier Fitness Camp, Ralph Wadsworth, Con Wadsworth, Tod Wadsworth, Kip Wadsworth, Ty Wadsworth, Draper City, Sandy City, Corner Canyon Trails, Alta View Concrete, WaterPro.

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