The final structure added to the park was built in 1962. It Is a cement and brick structure that houses the restroom and an office for the caretaker .

Since the park was dedicated, various organizations have donated structures and trees to the grove. Some of the Rotary Club furnished steps from the park to the Capitol and the County Commission provided funds to terrace the Capitol and hill. The Kawanis Club erected a granite bridge to the granite shaft. The war mothers donated marble benches that were placed throughout the park. The course of the stream was backed up. The stream flows over five water falls and under three -foot bridges and then forms a lake, the Harbor of Beauty. The plaque and marble bench on the lake were donated by the Mother Harbor Club in memory of the sailors who died In service of their country.

Since the park is a memorial to all who died In the war in service of their country, a tank from the Vietnam era has been placed in the park. In addition, In the last few years, the United Veterans Council has donated a railroad box car and a flag pole to the park.

The Horizon Committee selected the Memory Grove as a special bicentennial project. They have repainted memorial house and cleaned up the walks. They also plan to build a Perception Garden in the Grove which will have special effects to help the blind appreciate the garden. The Committee also plans to Improve the steps to the Capitol and a path to the Avenues.

The Service Star Legion has used the Memory Grove for Memorial Day services. They also sponsored Sunset Concerts there for the families of those who died in the war. At one of the services In 1950 a plaque was placed In front of the Memorial House and several portraits were hung in the hall. Memorial House is now run by the Service Star Legion and’ is used for receptions, weddings, and club meetings. The park belongs to the city and is maintained by the Park Department and Service Star Legion.

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