Memory Grove is a large park in Salt Lake City just below the State Capitol Building. It is popular for bringing dog to play, for walking/running, meditation and more.

It has many memorials for war veterans and more.

It has a replica of the liberty bell, a hiking trail, a pond, a creek and gorgeous views.

The first memorial/monument added was the pagoda, then the shaft and then the German Cannon.

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Mien the Mormon pioneers came to Utah, one of the first organized settlements was at the mouth of City Creek Canyon because there was a good water supply there. Later on one of the first grist mills built by Brigham Young, the Sudbury Flour Mill, was constructed there. The P.J. Morgan Construction Company and the city waterworks department also operated from this area. The first plans for a park were made in 1902 and in 1914 monies were allotted for the City Creek Canyon Park.

The Service Star Legion was organized after World War I as a patriotic organization for women who had blood relatives who served in the war. The first chapter was incorporated in 1920 in Maryland. At a convention in Baltimore in 1919, the first memory trees in honor of those who died during the war were planted in Draid Park. Following these events, chapters of Service Star Legion spread throughout the nation and similar “living memorial”‘ groves became a national project of the organization.

The Salt Lake Chapter was organized January 2, 1920, and at an April meeting, the Legion voted to ask the City Commission of the mouth of City Creek Canyon could be set apart for a memorial park. Mrs. Clesson S. Kinney, who had made the motion, was asked to be the chairman for the project. Mrs. E.G. Howard was also on the committee and played an important role in the development of the park. Her son, Captain James B. Austin, had died in World War 1. The City agreed to set aside twenty acres from the entrance to the canyon to the brick tank. The park was named City Creek and plans were made to plant trees on Arbor Day 1920.

In 1924 the Gold Star Legion asked that the park be dedicated to the dead soldiers of World War I. It was dedicated as a memorial on June 27, 1924 at a national convention of the Service Star Legion. Mrs. E. O. Howard, chairman of the committee In charge of the park, unveiled a tablet engraved with the names of those approximately 700 men who died In the war. This monument set behind where the pagoda now stands. It was designed by Walter I. Cooper and constructed by H. W. Baum.

Utah played an important role in the service of the United States during World War I, The 21,000 men and .100 women served in the army, navy, marine corps and Red Cross. Utahns served in the 91st Division of the Wild West Division. The 362nd infantry in that division was called the Utah regiment. The 145 artillery was made up of men from the Utah National Guard or veterans of the Spanish .American War. Memory Grove was dedicated to the 665 men who died during the war.