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288 North Canyon Road in Salt Lake City, Utah   (Just outside Memory Grove)

Built in 1905, this 1-1/2 story house features a mixture of elements from the Voctorian Eclectic and early Bungalow styles.  It was originally constructed for local businessman Ralph Snow, who worked many years with his father and brothers for the Consolidated Wagon and Machinery company.  The home retains its integrity and is a contributing resource within Salt Lake City’s City Creek Canyon National Historic District.


Built in 1905, this house follows the house pattern book style used during the 1900s. It is typical of its type and period and adds to the character of the district. The owner, Ralph Snow, was a businessman in Salt Lake. Ralph Snow worked with his brothers and father for Consolidated Wagon and Machinery. He was born in St. George in 1878. He was the son of Franklin R, and Lucy Simmons Snow. He was educated in Dixie and Salt Lake and worked all of his life for Consolidated Wagon and Machinery.

Hi is is a one and one-half story pattern book house. It has a slanted bay type front wall, There is a lead glass oval window and leaded glass transom. The water table is brick. It has a gabled roof and large dormers. The house is typical of its type” and period.