This home is a composite of two different styles and periods of building. The original section of the house was the south wing and is built of adobe in a vernacular one story hall and parlor style. The façade is three opening with gable end chimney. This section dates c.1875.

The bay hipped section on the north was added later when Victorian pattern book designs were popular. This section has a segmented bay, rusticated stone window lintels and sills, and leaded windows. This section probably dates c.1890-1900. A southern bay is also a pattern book influence.

Evidence of title and directories suggests this house was built about 1880, apparently by Fergus Coalter. Coalter was born March 19, 1854 in Glasgow Scotland. He is said to have emigrated to Utah about 1880. He was “a pioneer musician, merchant, and faithful church worker”. He founded a business in musical merchandise with George Carless. Coalter and Carless subsequently became Daynes & Coalter, Coalter S. Snelgrove and Fergus Coalter Music Co. At the time of his death he had been employed for many years by the Beesley Music Co. His wife Agnes M. died shortly before him in 1925. The first known occupants were Isaac Barton, a clerk, and his wife Agnes E., who bought the house in 1882 and may have built it. Little is readily known about them.

Located at 314 Center Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah