Edwin and Agnes Snow Gallacher purchased this property in the spring of 1925. That o summer they contracted H.J. McKean Inc. to build a one-story brick residence for $12,000. The new structure replaced the older home of John R. Park which having been built in 1873 was torn down sometime in the early 1900’s

Edwin was a retired U.S. Army sergeant who after serving in the Mexican Campaign of 1914 and World War I, returned to Salt Lake. His marriage to Agnes Snow, the daughter of financier, Ashby Snow, resulted in his association with the Utah Portland Cement Company and the Saltair Beach Company. Edwin died in 1934 at the age of 39. His wife continued to own the home through 1940.

This is a one and one half story Tudor Revival house with a multiple gable roof. Some gables are clipped and the gabled areas have pseudo half-timbering. The casement windows have leaded glass lights. – Diana Johnson

Located at 170 North State Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah