From evidence of title search, sanborn maps and city directories, this home
appears to have been built about 1888. James Crookston is recorded as living at 273 W 8th N. in the 1888 directory. The facts that he is not listed as owning property on the western part of the block and that Reed was not dedicated as a street until 1890 make the strange address understandable.

James Crooks ton was born in 1855 in Middleton, Scotland, He was married to Margaret Thompson and was the father of four children. He worked as a coal miner and was a night watchman at the temple for 17 years prior to his death on May 15, 1935. Crooks ton deeded his property to August D. Nordvall in 1897. Nordvall deeded the property to Andrew P. Anderson in 1905. Anderson deeded to Andrew Larson in 1908. Larson deeded to Carl Andrew Larson in 1946.

The gable end of this one-story hall and parlor home faces the street. The
chimney occupies an off-center location. There is a small shed roofed entrance porch, Pedimental headers are located over the “six-over-one” windows. A lean-tp extension is positioned on the opposite gable end.

Located at 229 W Reed Ave in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah