From evidence of title search, sanborn maps, and city directories this home appears to have been built between 1888 and 11892 by Elwood B. Tyson. Tyson lived at the home until 1900. He died in July of 1919.

Tyson deeded the home to Herman Hill in 1889. This transaction becomes unclear because no other mention of Hill is made. Tyson deeds the land to Emma Sutherland in 1900. Sutherland deeds the land to Andrew Larson in 1902. Larson deeded to John L. Anderson in 1902. Anderson deeded the property to Andrew P. Anderson in 1904. Anderson deeded to Andrew Larson in 1907. Larson deeded to Amy G. Sanchez in 1944.

This 1 1/2 story house has a truncated hip roof. A gabled dormer centered on the main façade has patterned shingle siding. A molded cornice is located under the eaves, Piercing of the main façade is an asymmetrical window, door arrangement. Opening are segmentally arched, the arches having ornamental drops. Segmental insets have incised floral motifs. On the east elevation is a hipped roof oriel displaying Victorian ornament. In the rear is a frame lean-to.

Located at 233 W Reed Ave in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah