According to a building list in the Salt Lake Tribune, this home was built in
1887. The home was built for Emma J. Whitecar at a cost of $500. The home was 30′ x 15′. Mrs. Whitecar was the wife of Isaac Whitecar. Mrs. Whitecar’s son, George, lived next door at 235 Reed.

Mrs. Whitecar’s home was sold to John Holmes in 1894. Mr. Holmes sold the house to Harriet Graham in 1901. Graham had a frame addition added in 1916 Graham owned the home through 1944.

This is a one-story hipped roof cottage with gable and shed roof rear extensions, Entry is from the east. The molded cornice and double hung windows are extant.

Located at 241 W Reed Ave in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah