From evidence of title search, sanborn maps, and city directories, this house
appears to have been built between 1883-1889 by John Henry Makaula.

Makaula was a Hawaiian, who was probably a worker on the Salt Lake Temple. His wife’s name is listed as Kaoo in the abstract record. Makaula was one of the original colonists of the Iosepa Colony. He moved in 1889 to Iosepa.

Makaula sold the house to William L. Butler, a stone cutting contractor. Butler sold the property to James Hegney in 1890. Hegney sold the house to Andrew P. Anderson in 1902. Anderson sold the property to Andrew G. Nilson in 1905. Nilson sold the home to Anna Katrina Larson in 1924.

This small home of one story has a rectangular plan and gable roof. The main façade displays an asymmetrical piercing, with a door and a window. The molded cornice is extant. Windows are a two-over-two scheme. A shed roof frame extension is appended on the west.

Located at 249 W Reed Ave in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.