J. Golden Kimball, his brother Elias S. Kimball, and a sister Mary M. Kimball
acquired this property in the settlement of their father, Heber Chase Kimball’s estate in 1877. The original house, a small adobe structure was built in 1880 and in 1885 J. Golden became the sole title holder. This house, already on the state historic register, is now known as the J. Golden Kimball home. Kimball lived here from the time the house was built until his death, September 2, 1938.

Jonathan Golden Kimball was born in 1853 in Salt Lake City, to Heber C. Kimball and Christeen Golden. Although Heber C. was first counselor to Brigham Young, J. Golden and his mother were forced out of the family house by the resentment of other wives and “left to hustle for ourselves.” J. Golden was called to the First Council of the Seventy at age 38. He eventually became one of the most popular and respected of the General Authorities of the Church, known for his salty aphorisms and earthy humor.

This is a one story T-shaped adobe house. For a more complete description, see State Register Nomination form on site at USHS.

Located at 36 East 200 North in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah.