I had way too much fun running around to literally every part of Utah over the past 4 weeks putting this together. I got Robert Lund’s CD when I was probably 10 years old back in the 90’s and would listen to this song every day saying someday I’ll go get photos of everything mentioned and put a slideshow together.
Check out the result here: https://youtu.be/0hekBlsvDmA

There’s also this version with video instead of pictures: https://youtu.be/6QM-lUeM37s

I had someone say they wished I would follow up with this and explain where all of the places are since some are lesser known so I’ll post a list and a map here below. Some are obvious (the name of a town, etc.), some are general areas and some are just “things.”

  1. La Verkin
  2. Ophir
  3. Goshen
  4. Wendover
  5. Peoa
  6. Erda
  7. “…names I’ve never heard of…” I used Musentuchit in the San Rafael Swell.
  8. Aneth
  9. Widtsoe
  10. “…Utah’s Beautiful Town’s…” I used downtown Mt Pleasant
  11. “… have some names I can’t pronounce…” I used Mantua.
  12. “… to a pretty great state…” I used a Utah State Line sign up on the north boundary
  13. “…I’ll probably get some wrong…” I used Duchesne.
  14. “…but who cares it’s just a song…” just as space filler I showed the Tree of Utah.
  15. “…jump in your cars and come along” I used this Car Museum sign.
  16. “…on a tour through our state…” I used the State sign coming into Kanab from Arizona.
  17. Koosharem
  18. Washakie
  19. Toquerville
  20. Keetley
  21. Ioka
  22. Neola
  23. Osiris
  24. Paragonah
  25. Shivwits
  26. Ticaboo
  27. Fayette
  28. Gusher
  29. “… we’re going on a Utah tour…” I showed the State sign coming into Utah from Beaver Dam, AZ
  30. “…here in Utah we can offer more…” I used a spray painted “Welcome 2 Utah” sign on old highway 91.
  31. “…scenery and fun…” I used a “scenic view” sign for the Jacob’s Chair view area on highway 95.
  32. “…climb in and shut the door…” I used an open door at the Green River Test Site / Utah Launch Complex
  33. “…we’ll take our trucks…” I used an old truck at Lakeside Storage in Provo.
  34. Flux
  35. Panoramaland is a whole section of Utah but I used a road with that name in Hanksville.
  36. Color Country is a whole section of Utah but I used the motel with that name in Panguitch.
  37. Bridgerland is a large section of Utah but I used Bridgerland Technical College.
  38. Golden Spike.
  39. Canyonlands.
  40. Magna.
  41. Tailings Pile
  42. “…places you can go where mother nature puts on a show…” I used a bird I saw in St George.
  43. “…desert valleys…” I used an area near Beaver Dam Wash.
  44. “…mountain tops…” I used an area near Beaver Dam Wash.
  45. “…I-70…” Just a picture of the sign for I-70 west of Green River.
  46. Vermillion
  47. Lyman
  48. Sigurd
  49. Salina
  50. Ferron
  51. Elmo
  52. Ivins
  53. Lynndyl
  54. Cisco
  55. Chester
  56. Beaver
  57. Thistle
  58. Spry
  59. Heber
  60. “… we’re going on a Utah tour…” I used the state sign coming in from Montello, NV.
  61. “…scenery and fun…” I used the Rocket Display near Golden Spike.
  62. “…climb in and shut the door…” I used a car show at Liberty Park in Salt Lake.
  63. Chester
  64. Beaver
  65. Thistle
  66. Spry
  67. Heber
  68. Hoytsville
  69. Genola
  70. Virgin
  71. Tabiona
  72. Torrey
  73. Wyutah
  74. Vernon
  75. Fry
  76. Eureka
  77. Moab
  78. Juab
  79. Willard
  80. Kanab
  81. Granger
  82. Panguitch
  83. Mercur
  84. Enoch
  85. Bluff
  86. “…the roads are really rough…” I used a random dirt road I saw while driving down highway 261.
  87. Mona
  88. Manila
  89. Hurricane
  90. Tooele
  91. Knolls
  92. Delle
  93. Leeds
  94. “…there’s nothing there but weeds…” Looking west from Clawson, Utah.
  95. Vernal
  96. Upalco
  97. Ouray
  98. Provo
  99. Pigeon
  100. Levan
  101. “…I need to use the can…” I used a shot from Ophir, Utah.
  102. Elberta
  103. Ogden
  104. Parowan
  105. Logan
  106. Koosharem
  107. Washakie
  108. Toquerville
  109. Keigley (swapped this in instead of a second Keetley)
  110. Ioka
  111. Neola
  112. Osiris
  113. Paragonah
  114. Shivwits
  115. Ticaboo
  116. Fayette
  117. Gusher
  118. Vermillion
  119. Lyman
  120. Sigurd
  121. Salina