With its pressed metal cornice. The front façade is faced with a sheet of metal pressed to look like brick and painted white. While the main body of the building is brick, there are small decorative elements of pink stone (tuff) now painted white. The foundation is pink stone. The cornice on the 1st floor is also pressed metal.

All the original details of the front façade are still extant and in good shape, only the color of the paint has been changed. Only the front façade is painted white, the rest of the structure being the original unpainted brick.

Located at 25 North Main Street in Beaver, Utah

The Tolton Block, built in 1899, is significant as the best of four remaining £ commercial structures on Beaver Main Street that retain historic integrity and help to document the commercial development of the town. As an example of the commercial style, the Tolton Block retains its original form, design, and materials. As in general commercial buildings of the time, the Tolton building is typified by a frame indented entrance, flanked by display space, with an access entry to the second floor. Pressed metal cornices adorn both the first and second stories, with the block name centered above the second floor. With its original finestration, transoms, basic form and materials, the Tolton Block is the best example of the commercial style of architecture remaining in Beaver.

John F. Tolton had this two story commercial building constructed in 1899. The Tolton grocery functioned as one of various general stores in Beaver, which grew to serve the developing community and town. In 1900 there were
seven such concerns, numbering to about five in the 1910s. The largest enterprise was the Mansfield, Murdock & Co. directly south of the Tolton concern. By 1912 Tolton’s grocery business was known as J. F. Tolton & Sons. In 1947 a fire gutted the interior and reportedly, the Toltons lost their fortune due to the configuration. In 1950 the building was purchased by Halbert Lund and his brother, who continue to operate a general store. The Tolton Block remains much as it did originally.