“At the Foot of Big Mountain”

Quaking Asp Grove

On July 20, 1847, Orson Pratt’s advance company made the hallowing descent from Big Mountain and became the first Mormon Pioneers to camp in the canyon below. It was not a popular camping place for large groups because the ravine was narrow, the area in which animals could forage was small, and the spring was not adequate for large numbers of people and livestock.

“Willow Springs,” about 3 miles further down the canyon, was much preferred as a campsite. Good water and adequate forage were extremely important for trail travelers and their animals. Ephraim Hanks selected Willow Springs for the site of his ranch and way station because it possessed these important attributes.

We travelled to-day about 6 miles over the mountain, laboring diligently upon the road.” – Orson Pratt


N 40.81088 W 111.67857